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Nightstand X


Nightstand X is a dark clock suitable for bedtime use. The black background with dark text is just bright enough to be seen in the dead of night without being blinding.

Nightstand X is excellent when traveling, because it's darker than many hotel room clocks, and the time is always correct.

Paired with an OLED iPhone (iPhone X, XS, and XS Max), Nightstand X is the darkest bedside clock available!

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Visiting Atlanta, but have no idea where to go? Live here but want to find somewhere new? AtlanTour is the app for you!

From the World of Coca-Cola, to the Goat Farm Arts Center, quickly see what's near you and how to get there. Never heard of the Margaret-Mitchell House? Read a little description before you hit the button to get directions.

AtlanTour is the uniquely perfect app for anyone visiting or living in Atlanta. With frequent additions to the large list of things to see in Atlanta, you'll never be bored in the ATL again!

AtlanTour is optimized for every iOS 13 device, and looks stunning in Dark Mode.

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Coffee Shop Inventory


Coffee Shop Inventory was developed for a special needs self-contained classroom coffee delivery and coffee club. Students, at all levels, are able to tap a picture of the creamer to keep track of the number of customers use that certain creamer. This is done by taking a picture of the creamer, black coffee, baked goods, tea, hot chocolate - really anything that you want your students to keep an inventory of. You take a picture of the product, name the picture, pick a size (x-large for visually impaired, or large), and the item is added. The students only have to tap the picture and it keeps track of the number of taps. If there are too many taps, Undo Mode will remove the extra tap. The interface is very simple - Remove Item, Undo Mode, Change Size and Add Item. This app can be used for any type of counting objects.

Testimonial from Dawson County High School, GA: All levels of my classroom have enjoyed using this easy app. They have to input the numbers into a google sheet which gives them another in-school job, data entry.

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So I go to the gym to workout... the Workout Of the Day (WOD) includes Ring Muscle Ups... What?? Do I look like I can do a Ring Muscle Up? Oh yeah, the last time these were in a workout, the trainer gave a me way to scale them to my ability. What did they say again??

Keep track of all your scales for all the key CrossFit/weight training/fitness moves in one handy place - WODable! This app will remind you of how you should be scaling your workout to your ability. When the coach/trainer assigns you a scale, enter it into the app and you will always know how to make the WOD your own.

WODable also keeps up with your 1RMs (One Rep Max), weights you use for each move, calculates % of 1RMs, and space to write notes/reminders for each move. This handy app is just what you need to WOD with confidence!

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macOS Mojave - Catalina


OCR is just what it sounds like - an On Screen Reader. It's great for grabbing text out of images or anywhere you can't copy and paste.

OCR is designed to work with macOS Mojave.

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Flippum is a game with simplistic, addicting, amusing, and rewarding gameplay. Climb higher into this 2D Paradise by defying gravity. With the tap of your finger, your awesome looking block will travel from the side of the screen. Use this super power to avoid cruel spikes in this obstacle course, and collect StarCoins. Why collect StarCoins? So that you can upgrade your box with the latest new style.

How do you avoid the spikes? It's simple! Your box will automatically travel to one side of your device. When you want to go the other direction, just tap the screen! Your box will go in the opposite direction until you let go of your screen. Be warned though, the spikes will sometimes taunt your box into going the opposite direction, so when you see the warning arrows go up, it's time to put your focus to work as your box switches directions.

WARNING! Be careful not to share this game with your friends. It's highly competitive, and if you only have one device, you'll probably never get a turn!

A special thanks to Antis Instrumentals for groovy game music!

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Drillify is your single solution for your marching band drill needs. Insert your drill set by set, and when you lose your drill sheet, you don't have to panic.

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JobWellDone is a tip calculator, plain and simple. Enter the price of your meal and the percentage you want to tip, and watch the calculations appear like magic.

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TapRacr is just what it says: a game where you race your friends to tap fastest. It's super simple with a super clean interface. With no ads, it's the perfect game for occupying kids!

Additionally, TapRacr can be used to teach the colors of the rainbow. Each tap will increment the color of the score to the next color in the rainbow, so you can have students guess the next color, or the color on the Nth tap.

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