Turner Eison



Flippum is a game with simplistic, addicting, amusing, and rewarding gameplay. Climb higher into this 2D Paradise by defying gravity. With the tap of your finger, your awesome looking block will travel from the side of the screen. Use this super power to avoid cruel spikes in this obstacle course, and collect StarCoins. Why collect StarCoins? So that you can upgrade your box with the latest new style.

How do you avoid the spikes? It's simple! Your box will automatically travel to one side of your device. When you want to go the other direction, just tap the screen! Your box will go in the opposite direction until you let go of your screen. Be warned though, the spikes will sometimes taunt your box into going the opposite direction, so when you see the warning arrows go up, it's time to put your focus to work as your box switches directions.

WARNING! Be careful not to share this game with your friends. It's highly competitive, and if you only have one device, you'll probably never get a turn!

A special thanks to Antis Instrumentals for groovy game music!

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