Turner Eison



So I go to the gym to workout... the Workout Of the Day (WOD) includes Ring Muscle Ups... What?? Do I look like I can do a Ring Muscle Up? Oh yeah, the last time these were in a workout, the trainer gave a me way to scale them to my ability. What did they say again??

Keep track of all your scales for all the key CrossFit/weight training/fitness moves in one handy place - WODable! This app will remind you of how you should be scaling your workout to your ability. When the coach/trainer assigns you a scale, enter it into the app and you will always know how to make the WOD your own.

WODable also keeps up with your 1RMs (One Rep Max), weights you use for each move, calculates % of 1RMs, and space to write notes/reminders for each move. This handy app is just what you need to WOD with confidence!

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